Sunday, August 9, 2020

Academic Semesters

  • Summer Session 2020

    End of May 2020

  • Fall Semester 2020

    September/October 2020

  • Spring Semester 2021

    4th week of January 2021

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Urgent note to all IIHEM students

Classes at IIHEM will resume in online format this Thursday March 19. Classes will be given at their regular hours and attendance is mandatory. IIHEM policies on attendance and absences will be applied.

To go to your class follow these steps (check the attached image):

  • 1. Using your login name and password, login to the IIHEM courseware
    page (
  • 2. Click on the link to the course you want to attend
  • 3. Click on the link to the video conference
  • 4. Click on the join button to join the course

In order to join the course you will need the following prerequisites:
  • A computer with an installed browser. Supported browsers are:
    Firefox and Chrome (latest versions).
  • An Internet connection with a minimum speed of 12 Mbps.

Make sure that the prerequisites are in place before your first online course is scheduled.

If you have any questions, first visit the Need Help link on the courseware page. If you still have questions, send an email to:

We are asking for your full support to make this transition as smooth as possible.